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After April will come may...."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Happy February to my family, friends, fans, and followers....sorry it has taken me so long to blog. My darling daughter has taken the initiative to blog for me (about her) so now I have to keep up with it or she will blog her thoughts of my thoughts. Gotta love those Kids!!!
Here we are into February, the month of love...over the January blues and looking forward to spring. February has always been a fun month for me because of Valentines day. My kids grew up with heart shaped waffles, heart shaped pizza,heart shaped sandwiches, and hearts on many of their socks and underwear. You can never go wrong giving a present to someone that has something to do with hearts! The heart symbolizes to me love, tenderness,security, truth, comfort,family, fun, and forever... The heart loves easily, endures heartaches,can be broken,mended, or worn on a sleeve...the heart can yearn, pound, flutter and hold wonderful memories we will forever cherish. Growing up, if someone said to me or I said to someone that I meant that "from the heart" then it was a solemn promise, or the truth, or a heartfelt thought that should never be doubted...this still holds true in my life now. I often say to Aidan and Asher "hearts to you, hearts to you boom boom boom boom boom" that means that their Meme loves them more than life itself...and my heart aches to hold them close. I am such a sap I know...
So I will leave you with this...Show those you love this month just how much they mean to you. Tell them your heartfelt thoughts, wear your heart on you sleeve, let your heart flutter with loving thoughts, let your heart ache to hold close those you love, and reminisce those cherished memories of those who brought you so much joy...Love the one you're with and remember that love makes this world go round!!!! God gave you Love, so give love back...Love to Him and Love to Mom.....because after God, comes Mom (and Meme).
More blogs to you soon and happy hearts to you!!! I meant that from my heart...xoxooxoxoxo

Monday, February 2, 2009

Top Ten Things I Love About Tiffany

Yes, that's right. My favorite child is Tiffany, definitely Tiffany....
Here are the top 10 things I love about her:

10. She appreciates it when I buy her mascara - Jake and Kaleb don't get very excited when I buy it for them.

9. She lives where it is warm and fun to visit. Visiting Jake and Kaleb in their rooms is just oh so predictable.

8. She can read magazines with me for hours.

7. She likes to eat sushi, salad, and mushrooms

6. She is feisty and stubborn and makes people say she is just like her mother. What a compliment!

5. Her favorite number is also 5.

4. She gave me really cute grandkids with fantastic red hair.

3. She likes to get pedicures with me. (Kaleb is just getting sick of getting them, he prefers manis.)

2. She smells better than the other two.

1. She knows that boys drool and girls rule!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Post Holiday Blues...

The after holiday blues affect everyone to some degree--myself, I feel exhausted, lonely, and overwhelmed...yet, hopeful, excited, and very blessed. The new year always has a way of extending you the opportunity to "set the bar higher", to conquer new goals, and to get ramped up as to what the new year will bring. Yet moving into another year brings bouts of yearnings for those familiar comfort moments that brought us security and serenity...Oh well...Life goes on!!

I am truly blessed that I can "check off" another year and, I am so looking forward to enjoying my family and friends this year. 2009 could be my winning lottery year...could be the year I am featured in In-Touch magazine...could be the year that the "Rock" tries to steal me from Tom...could be...yea yea, you get the point!

I will end this blues blog by saying--Hello 2009...Goodbye 2008. Reflecting back is nostalgic and comforting, but looking forward is adventurous and exhilarating... So look out family, friends, followers, and fans...this is going to be the year of big adventures and lots of happy dances!!

Our trampoline snowball fight, in December, in the rain, totally fabulous...

Randall, our snowman...yes, Kaleb is taller than all of us...

Aidan's wish is my command......Aidan understands that after God comes Meme...

Jake and Aidan playing Kaleb's crane game, the most popular game that was played. Each male said they were the best, but really Mom rules. Please note the fashion statement Jake has with his glow stick headband, and Aidan's glow stick belt...Look for this to be the new fashion statement of 2009...

We were so honored to have Zachary and Karen spend the holiday with us...Life puts family miles apart, but there is no place like home...Zack-a-Mundo please come home to see us more often, it is always a blast to have you around...

The wonderful "Darmon" clan...it does not get any better that this!!! Mary so graciously hosted this years family fun times...We celebrated Gordon's 39ish Birthday on Christmas Eve, and had our Gift grab bag exchange on the 27th. Brenda had her famous prizes for bingo, and the reminiscing stories and laughter could be heard out into the neighborhood...

Three generations...Sister one, Sister two and Asher...

Bath time was one of my best times with the babes...one look at these faces and I am sure you will figure out why...Aidan rules the tub...

Asher just loves the bubbles....

Great Grams Gus is the Grandma of all Grandmas...to be a Grandma half as wonderful as she is, is all I ask... Thanks Mom for always being there...

Now I know you are looking at this picture and thinking...Did Lucy go off the deep end??? for those of you that know me, know I always ask Santa for new boobs every year...this year was no exception. I decided to hang a reminder on the tree for Santa... my wonder bra, still wondering when it will be filled...Oh well, there is always next year!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome To My First Blog

Time to get with the times with technology, as my kids keep telling me. This will be my attempt to blog my life for the world to see. You will get to know my family, my favorites, my bucket list, and my heartfelt thoughts about life. I rang in the new year with all of my chicks in my nest. I probably had the loudest house on the circle when 2009 rang in. God bless Asher who slept through it all, and God bless Aidan who stayed up until 12:26 and was happy for most of it. We accomplished a steak dinner for 9, a roaring game of BINGO with prizes, and a cutthroat game of musical chairs for all. And just for fun we tossed in a few rounds of my choice of "poker" for lottery tickets. We ended the night with a toast of sparkling bubbly (grape juice), kisses, hugs, a few fireworks from Kaleb, and lots of love. Couldn't ask for a better way to bring in the new year. Here are a few highlights from our awesome evening.

Here is Tom making googly eyes with our grandaughter Asher.

Zena was worn out after a wild night of present opening when the kids arrived.

We enjoyed our steak dinner for 9.

Here are all of my chicks in one nest.

We had a blast playing musical chairs to my choice of "Happy Dance" music.

Happy New Year 2009!!!!!! God bless you all!!!!!!!