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Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome To My First Blog

Time to get with the times with technology, as my kids keep telling me. This will be my attempt to blog my life for the world to see. You will get to know my family, my favorites, my bucket list, and my heartfelt thoughts about life. I rang in the new year with all of my chicks in my nest. I probably had the loudest house on the circle when 2009 rang in. God bless Asher who slept through it all, and God bless Aidan who stayed up until 12:26 and was happy for most of it. We accomplished a steak dinner for 9, a roaring game of BINGO with prizes, and a cutthroat game of musical chairs for all. And just for fun we tossed in a few rounds of my choice of "poker" for lottery tickets. We ended the night with a toast of sparkling bubbly (grape juice), kisses, hugs, a few fireworks from Kaleb, and lots of love. Couldn't ask for a better way to bring in the new year. Here are a few highlights from our awesome evening.

Here is Tom making googly eyes with our grandaughter Asher.

Zena was worn out after a wild night of present opening when the kids arrived.

We enjoyed our steak dinner for 9.

Here are all of my chicks in one nest.

We had a blast playing musical chairs to my choice of "Happy Dance" music.

Happy New Year 2009!!!!!! God bless you all!!!!!!!


kburdin said...

Hello Dear Friend,

Well you are further in technology than me. It was so nice to read your story and see that you had wonderful holidays. It looks like things are going so well for you. You grandkids are growing to fast but are super cute. I was also shocked by Caleb I remember 5 year old Caleb calling work and asking for his "mommy." Where does time go, I miss you. I really hope we can get together soon and catch up. Sure is great to here from you though. Oh yeah and I am so thankful you will be dressed like that is heaven because I am certain nobody else will that way i will find you very very easily!!!!

T Buss said...

I love your blog mom, but most of all I loved coming home and always do. We had SO MUCH fun this trip!!!!!!! I felt like a little kid again! Thanks for everything!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!! xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Jacob said...

So far so good Mom, though more posts about your second oldest would really draw a crowd.