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Monday, February 2, 2009

Top Ten Things I Love About Tiffany

Yes, that's right. My favorite child is Tiffany, definitely Tiffany....
Here are the top 10 things I love about her:

10. She appreciates it when I buy her mascara - Jake and Kaleb don't get very excited when I buy it for them.

9. She lives where it is warm and fun to visit. Visiting Jake and Kaleb in their rooms is just oh so predictable.

8. She can read magazines with me for hours.

7. She likes to eat sushi, salad, and mushrooms

6. She is feisty and stubborn and makes people say she is just like her mother. What a compliment!

5. Her favorite number is also 5.

4. She gave me really cute grandkids with fantastic red hair.

3. She likes to get pedicures with me. (Kaleb is just getting sick of getting them, he prefers manis.)

2. She smells better than the other two.

1. She knows that boys drool and girls rule!


T Buss said...

This is your best blog posting ever. I always knew Mom, I always knew...

Jacob said...

Whatever mom. Does Tiff buy you coffee that you enjoy every morning? Does Tiff let you drive her Jeep to work every morning, especially the cold ones where its -1 outside and you get leather heated seats? Nope. She gets knocked up twice, and suddenly takes first place. Maybe you should check out my new website, its at www.jakeismovingtonewyorkassoonaspossible.com.

T Buss said...

a little bitter Jake? Leather seats will not top being the firstborn....

Although, I will come visit you in New York.

Lucy said...

OK everyone...this was posted by my darling daughter Tiffany...Anyone that know me knows that all 3 of my kids are my favorite!!!I am sorry that I have not blogged for so long and I am going to be better at that, But I do love that the kids are always fighting for that top spot!! and by the way Jake...it will break my heart the day you move to New York...I like my kids as close to home as possible...Jake,you live around here and I will give you the top spot!!!sorry Tiff, you moved away...Kaleb stay close and always be in the top spot.